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Nobody likes weeds but sadly they are a fact of life.  Weeds choke our precious plants and spoil the appearence of our gardens.  I offer a comprehensive weeding service to ensure your garden stays weed free for the least possible cost.

Weeds need roots, as a commercial company that advertises on television says "kill the root, kill the weed".  The best way to kill the root without covering your garden in chemicals is to remove the root.  Which means digging it up and disposing of it.  That's where I'm happy to help.  I can remove weeds from borders, sieve and replace newly weed-free soil and ensure all weeds are safely bagged up for disposal so they won't re-root and attack your garden. 

How can you save money and still keep a weed free garden?  By taking advantage of my winter discounts.  By removing weeds and their roots in the winter you start the growing season with weed free soil and that gives us a huge head start on the weeds when the weather becomes warmer.  I'll carry out maintenance weeding in the growing season but the war on weeds starts in the winter months so I recommend a thorough winter weeding program to ensure that your garden looks it's best in the summer.