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Firewood supply

I supply 15kg bags of seasonsed cut to size and split firewood logs to customers in Sheffield.  The
logs are 100% seasoned hardwood air and sun dried to at least 20% moisture content.  Ideal for chimneas, firepits, open fires and wood burners.  All logs are hand split and cut to size so there's no messing around with chainsaws and mauls - the wood is delivered ready for you to burn it.  All the wood is seasoned for at least 12 months so you get premium quality naturally dried firewood at a better price than environmentally unfriendly kiln dried wood from the chainstores.  I also carry out regular quality checks with digital moisture readers to ensure that all wood is a maximum 20% moisture level(ie. well seasoned and ready to burn).  Logs can be delivered to S6, S10, S11, S8, S7, S17 and areas of S35 for a small extra charge (free delivery for 5 bags+).  Outside those areas please call 07479 114888 for a delivery cost.

Quality Stock

If you are only an occaisional wood burner then it's vitally important that you know the wood you buy will deliver a quality burn.  Whether the familly are gathered round the open fire at Christmas or round the chiminea on a summers evening the wood is the focal point and there's nothing more frustrating than getting ready for a roaring fire only to find you have poorly seasoned poor quality wood which is hard to light and kicks off very little heat.  This useful chart provided by one of the major woodburning stove suppliers in the UK lists the main types of firewood available in the UK.  As you can see "hardwood" covers everything from top quality ash to virtually unburnable Poplar.  I only ever stock grade 3 and 4 wood species so you are guarenteed a good quality fire. My current seasoned stock is a mixture of beech, ash, silver birch, sycamore and hawthorne.  Other species currently seasoning are oak and holly.  Your logs are seasoned outdoors under cover to keep them protected from rain but exposed to the wind that assists in drying them out.  Logs that require splitting are split prior to laying down for seasoning, this increases the exposed area of wood and helps to dry them out more efficiently.  In order to ensure that the logs are suitable for all customers logs are cut to a maximum length of 14"  however 10" and 12" maximum bags are available for customers with small woodburning stoves.  

Pricing and delivery

1-4 15kg bags £11.00 per 15kg bag
5-9 15kg bags £10.50  per 15kg bag and Free delivery to S6, S10, S11, S8, S7, S17 and areas of S35
10+ 15kg bags £10.00  per 15kg bag and Free delivery to S6, S10, S11, S8, S7, S17 and areas of S35

Delivery to S6, S10, S11, S8, S7, S17 and areas of S35 is £2 for orders under 4 sacks.

Quality control

Please see this page for details of how I ensure all logs supplied are perfectly seasoned and ready to burn.