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Leaf clearance

Autumns a time of amazing vivid colours as leaves start to wilt and die on deciduous trees.  However once they've dropped they need removing as if left they can damage lawns and become a trip hazard on drives and paths.  To deal with fallen leaves efficiently and quickly and to produce a valuable end product for your garden I use Stihl petrol powered vacuum shredders. 

Why Vacuum shredders?

There are alternatives to vacuum shredders, hands, rakes and the big one  - leaf blowers. The first two can be discounted easily as inefficienct   As for leaf blowers then yes they do work however unless they are then collected by hand the problem is still there next time the wind blows.

Vacuum shredders not only collect the leaves quickly they also shred them, typically reducing the volume by 14 times.  This means that you still get quality leaf mould to mulch your plants with but only need 1/14 of the space to store it in.