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Lawn Care

A well maintained lawn can be the centerpiece of a garden.  I offer a full range of lawncare services to keep your lawn healthy and attractive.

Lawn mowing

Lawns need regular cutting during the growing season. Once you are a lawncare customer of mine I commit to deliver the necessary cuts to keep your lawn healthy and great looking.  By cutting your grass at the right height setting for the time of year and weather conditions I keep your lawns not only looking neat but healthy too.  My mowers cutting decks are kept razor sharp to ensure a clean cut and avoid bruising and damaging your grass.


A well maintained lawn can still be an ugly lawn without neat edging. As part of my lawncare service I ensure your lawn is neatly edged in the early spring and maintained by trimming throughout the growing season.


Many lawns have areas around trees, statues and other irregular areas which make them hard to mow arround.  I always carry powerful petrol strimmers to deal with these areas leaving them as neat as the rest of your lawn.

Moss treatments

Moss can be a major problem on lawns, especially under shade and where tree roots extend under the grass.  I provide a comprehensive moss removal service.  This is carried out either in early Spring or early Autumn.