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Firewood quality control

Methodical processing

Achieving relibably high quality firewood isn't rocket science, but it does take effort and a methodical system.

When new wood comes in first it has to be chainsawed down to a suitable size.  Then any pieces larger than around 5" in diameter are split using a maul.  By cutting and splitting the wood straight away rather than leaving the logs intact to season we expose maximum surface area to the wind which is what dries the wood out. 

The split wood is then stacked on pallets in open barns where it's protected from rain but open to the wind which allows it to dry effectively.  Details of when the batch was stacked are noted to ensure we keep track of where each batch is in the seasoning cycle.

When a batch has been seasoned for a year it's time to check moisture content.

First we select a random piece of wood from the batch

The piece is then split with a maul to expose the centre of the piece.

The newly exposed wood at the centre of the log is then checked with a moisture meter to ensure it 20% or under, this log at 17% is ready to burn.

I repeat this process 10 times with logs from different parts of a batch and provided no readings are over 20% then the batch is ready to be bagged up.

Once bagged up it's loaded onto the van for delivery to the customer..

..who gets a lovely roaring fire!