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Firewood cutting

For those customers with wood burning stoves who buy in their wood from a bulk supplier I offer a processing service tailored to the exact needs of their stove.  Many bulk suppliers deliver either unsplit logs or logs cut to lengths that will not fit in many woodburning stoves.  They save money in having to do less processing and this generally reflects on the price that you pay, however if it doesn't fit in your stove it's not a lot of good to you.  With my firewood processing service you get your logs cut to the size you want and split to the size you want at your home.  If you want me to stack them for you then I can do that too.  Simply book me in to come to your home when your wood is delivered and I will cut all your wood to size using a chainsaw and sawhorse which allows for very efficient processing, then split and rounds which are oversize into burnable pieces.

Given the cost of a decent chainsaw, all the protective kit, maul, sawhorse and consumables can easilly be over £1,000 it makes sense to outsource your wood processing to an experienced professional who can get your wood into a usable state efficiently and safely.  I charge just £25/hr for firewood processing and that includes my time and all fuel, sawchain wear, chain lube oil and the provision of all the equipment and safety kit.