Why choose us?

With a wide range of gardeners and gardening service providers available in Sheffield why should you choose Your Garden Jeeves?

Personal Service

I cater to your individual needs.  If you want a specific task taken care of, it will be dealt with.  If you want ideas for how to improve your garden, I can provide them.  It's your garden and you're in charge, every client gets what they want from a detailed plan realised to a simple request to "make my garden beautiful"

Good Value

With me you get what you pay for, high quality gardening services at sensible prices. You're not paying VAT to the government and you're not paying premium prices to a gardening company to actually have your garden dealt with by an unpaid DSS apprentice.

Peace of mind

Engaging an experienced professional gardener with the right tools to do the job to the highest standards and who is fully insured means you can sit back and relax in the knowledge your garden is in safe hands.

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